CopyToDVD Problems

I’ve been trying to burn 4 episodes of a series but everytime I burn it only 1 episode is on there…I’ve added all four folders and I’ve converted all 4 of them in divx to dvd to make one file but when I go to burn it there’s still only one episode and I’ve wasted several dvd’s trying to fix this so does anyone whats causing this?


I have never had this problem before or have heard that other people have.

First of all a DVD can hold multiple video_ts files (depending on their size), but any DVD player will only recognize one of them (the first one burned on the dvd) thus the importance of converting all the files at once using DivxToDVD to get just one video_ts file (that contains all the -in your case- episodes you want.

From what I understand this is what you are doing (using divxtodvd just once for all four files added at one time). And when using CopyToDVD do you get any errors? If so what kind? I am more under the impression that you do not, the burn finishes and it is only when going to watch the dvd that you only find one episode. Is this correct?

Have you previously been able to convert multi files and get one video_ts file will all of them files in it?

I don’t get an error or anything it just burns and when I go to play it there’s only one episode…in january or february was when I first had copy to dvd and I burned four episodes of a different series and it worked but this was when I didn’t convert all of the files into one…I just added the folders but when I do that now it doesn’t work and I’ve never been able to convert multi files and get all of them in it

can you tell us which software you use ? from decrypting to reauthoring ( dvdshrink , 1 click , divxtodvd ) ?