CopytoDVD not writing properly

I have been trying the last few versions of CopytoDVD including the latest one (v2.3.10.235), but when I write a DVD it finishes whith no errors but when I try to copy that DVD again, it can’t read the last file written (generally the last .vob)
This of course makes the DVD useless as a back up, as no more copies can be made.
Am I the only one having this touble?
I have tried it on two computers and the result is the same, one computer has a Pioneer a05 the other a a06.
It used to work!!! Any information or suggestions please

regards Ken

I use CopyToDVD to burn the DVD prepared by DVDShrink. No problem was encountered so far for my NEC ND1300A.

There is no problem burning the DVD, the problem arises when you try to copy the DVD that you burned!
If I try to copy the copied DVD to another DVD or to the HD, the last .vob can not be copied off (CRC error)
So unless you actually try to copy from the copy you will never know that the DVD is corrupt!!! It will play as a DVD up until the last split second then just stop.

regards Ken

I have a friend who I got to try CopytoDVD, his DVD/s can not be copies either!!!
Can some one PLEASE try to copy a DVD they have burnt with CopytoDVD to their hard drive or to another DVD and let me know if it works for them

regards ken

I discovered this problem about 3 months ago. I checked the media wich I burned before that, they all read fine (no read error messages @ 100% using Alcohol 120%)
The strange thing is, if I burn the original on DVD-RW, there is no problem, but if I use DVD-R I end up with the same problem you’re having.
Original to DVD-R (sucessful burn with no error message)
re-copying that same copy on to DVD-R, Alcohol reports reading errors at 100%

I tried many things – no luck so far.

I have managed to get hold of a trial of v2.2.6. the problem does not seem to exist in that version.

I’ll try the version you mentioned and I’ll let you know the result.

Thanks! V226 Worked like a charm on DVD-R.
I’m puzzled about why DVD-RW test shows no errors, yet DVD-R does on the latest version. Have you tried it yourself?
Well, it looks like not many people came accross this problem. I guess we better keep on using v226 for the time being and until this issue is resolved.

were can someone get V226, I have the same problem!

I tried the latest version with a rewriteable and it seemed ok also, so it all seems a bit weird to me.
I had a friend who had a copiy of ver. 2.2.6, where you can get one now I don’t know!
regards ken