CopytoDVD Help?


Ok, bought and used DVDXCopy. Ditto for Instant Copy and the supporting programs (as well as did my part as far as donating is concerned). I bought DVD2One to check out and use. It was fast, really fast. My theory, if it works, and I want it, it’s sold. :cool:

My problem:

I downloaded “Copytodvd” trial to finish burning the files to my Sony DRX 500 UL (w/latest firmware).

It completes the ‘Start write buffer’ and gets up to ‘checking access layer availability’ and increases the amount of HOURS it’ll take to complete the burn. It starts at 1 hour to complete, and as I let it sit there and think away, it’s up to about 32 hours. The light on the drive is blinking away like it’s doing something and the computer hasn’t frozen up (nor is there anything running in the background).

I was thinking of abandoning this altogether and just trying to record the movie file w/nero, but I keep hearing that there are issues with the playback when doing this.

Any clues on what I should try/why it could be doing this?


*Alienware Area 51 system (1gig ram; 120 Gig HD).
*Sony DRX 500UL (with the latest firmware “g”)
*Pioneer dvd+rw media; Meritline dvd+rw; Maxell dvd+rw
*Harddrive has been completely defrag’d; optimized as well as
closing out of everything possible.



What speed does your writer say it is burning the image at ? My Toshiba SD-R5002 (according to this program) writes at 0.5 lol, even though it is truely 1x

Just leave the time alone as it will continue to drop until it reaches 58mins or so, then it will burn in the normal time, since this is just an estimate and not the true time that it takes


thanks for the info!

I reinstalled three times, downloaded from their site and another mirror, just in case I got a faulty version or sumpthin.

It shows about a sliver of blue in the completion bar and continues to increment time taken to complete the task. I let it go, untouched for about 4 hours to see if it would decrease any, or if it did that but the burn went through. It got up to about 78 hours or so and i canceled out of the whole thing.

I did try watching the dvd. it played the first 30 seconds of “The Others” and then hung on the credits.

Any other program suitable for DVD2one completed rips? I tried nero, it failed too.

RecordNowMax will, any dvd program can write the output from dvd2one, since the files that are produced are in dvd spec

Download the demo and make a data dvd, just make sure you have AUDIO_TS and your files in VIDEO_TS folders


Click burn and you are away