CopyToDVD Filename Length Maximum?

I searched for this topic to see if posted previously, but couldn’t find it here, so am posting it as a sep topic.
Hello! I’m pretty new to vso’s CopyToDVD for backing up files. I use it a lot for DVD authoring and it’s way cool! I’m going to be trying it for backup of regular files [no compression] [it has a handy right-click context menu option to do this]. What I’m wondering is the maximum filename length it will do.

I know it’ll do Joliet 64 characters, and Long Joliet [103 characters], but will it support ISO9660:1999 [207 characters, this is ISO Level 4]?

This is running on a Windows XP Pro, SP 2.

Thanks for any responses!

[I’ve posted this query to another board, and will gladly post here all replies I get.]

THis is the reply I’ve just recieved from program’s author:

here is a copy of the answer I have posted today on the forums :

CopyToDVD support up to 107 characters for joliet file names, (110 if CGMS are not included - the default case), and 214 (220) characters with ISO 9660 charset.

to be honest, I don’t know if 207 characters is ISO level 4, These limitations are structural, and cannot be overruled without breaking compatibility.


UDF will allow you to use 255 characters.