Copytodvd error?

Hi all first off, thanks for reading… need some help and guidance…

DIdnt have any problems with copytodvd burning normal english named files until I tried burning unicoded files… I loaded all the files to be burnt… and proceeded with burning as usual.

After burning, I tried to view the files on the dvd… weirdly, only some of the files were successfully burnt onto the dvd… i did the following:

(1) double checked again, that I have selected ALL the files I wanted to backup on dvd and burnt again… *still the same result

(2) ensured the files werent hidden by winxp

(3) weirdly, the files seemed to be “burnt” actually… since the space taken up on the dvd coincides with that of my files in my hdd

p/s: is there anyway to make copytodvd do a Data Verification as tat of Nero too?