CopytoDVD & DVD2One

There is no longer a check-box in DVD2one for CopytoDVD to begin immediately after DVD2one finishes. The folks at DVD2one say that they have not changed anything & all worked seemlessly in the prior version of CopytoDVD.

Is there any registry tweak etc. that can be done to once again have this option available.

I am hoping there will be a solution soon in the near future since this is such a time-saver for me. I used to be able to begin DVD2one and return later to find a completed DVD.


under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VSO add a key named “CopyToDVD” and enter CopyToDVD path (e.g. “C:\Program files\VSO\CopyToDVD”) as value.

The problem will be corrected in the next release!

PS: It only occurs if you do a fresh install of CopyToDVD. If you install it over a previous version, you shouldn’t be affected by this problem.

I did as you suggested but still do not have the option of CopytoDVD in DVD2One.

I have no clue about your registry tweak but I did find it curious that you added CopytoDVD to VSO. I would have thought that adding DVD2One would make sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


but I did find it curious that you added CopytoDVD to VSO.
been this way for months now, if you have downloaded copytodvd go to the vso folder and then the copytodvd folder and see if there is a dvd toolbox, if there is use that to rip your dvd if it is not there then go here to download the dvdtoolbox, see if it works for you.


No longer a problem with v2.2.4.179 that came out today.

Glad to see that the authors are so responsive.