CopyToDVD did not recogize my ND1300A

I need your help here. Initially I had CopyToDVD, CloneDVD, DVDXCopy Express and Nero 6.0 on my Win XP. After I un-install the DVDXCopy, which crashed my XP, CopyToDVD does not recognize my NEC ND-1300A anyone. All other softwares including CloneDVD, Nero and DVDInfo can.

Does anyone have similar experience? Does CopyToDVD require an ASPI. Currently I have only the one from Nero.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

well what happen dvd x copy uses same things to find your drives

here is the link to what your looking for

run that setup again and you should have your drives back …

if not post back up or look at my signature

also just ot let ya know nero 6 has alot of problems and shocked it didnt crash yoru system …

but that will give your drives back


no prob …like i said try to help out … if you need anymore just post in forum and i am sure one of use will know the answer