CopyToDVD creates corrupt BUP file on DLs

I found that CopyToDVD creates a corrupt VTS_01_0.BUP file on DL DVDs. Being a backup file it is difficult to discover unless you try to open the VTS_01_0.BUP after the burn. I checked all the +DLs I burned with CopyToDVD and all the VTS_01_0.BUP files on all the DLs were corrupt. DVD5s burned with CopyToDVD were okay. Anyone else discovered this problem?

CopyToDVD V3.1.3.137


Hi there,

Did you create a DVD Video Project or burn an DL .ISO File ?

I think there is an issue with the Layer Break when burning an .ISO file, but should be ok when generating a Video DVD Project since he will decide where the Layer Break is.

I will ask a VSO Official to comment.

CopyToDVD v4.0 should be released in 2006, let’ see of this is still an issue or not !

Personally, if I was burning a DL .ISO file, I would try ImgBurn.

I heard it handles the Layer Break like a pro !

My 2 cents…

I used a DVD Video Project.

I have also heard PCGEdit + ImgBurn handles the break perfectly. With PGCEdit you get to preview the break.

I am interested in VSO’s response. I also emailed VSO Tech support. Thanks for your help.

Ed B


about VTS_01_0.BUP issue on DL DVD, we have received the support request. This is related to CopyToDVD V3, the issue will no longer be here with copytodvd 4. At least, we will re-check that carefully.

About DL iso being reproduced correctly, here is how CopyToDVD handle the layer break:

  • If a filesystem is provided (not from ISO), the layer break is 100% decided by CopyTo, which is able to relocate and move the files to set the best possible layer break.

  • If ISO image is provided, CopyTo read the UDF filesystem inside the ISO image, check the DVD structure and find the layer break by examining the IFO files inside the ISO. However, CopyTo cannot relocate the files inside an already built ISO image, so the choice of the layer break is more restrictive and might be not optimal. If such occur, a warning is issued in the log.

If a MDS file is present with the ISO file, it is ignored by CopyTo. However, as far as we have tested, Copyto V4 always find the same layer break as the one stored in MDS.

The layer break determination (especially in ISO files) has been improved , so in V4, it’ll work better than in CopyTo V3.