Copytodvd can't format blank dvd+rw

System crashed recently and reinstalled os etc., along with v.2.3.232 copy to dvd. It will reformat a previously formatted dvd+rw disc but not a blank one. I’m pretty sure I used it to format the blanks before. I’m using a Plex 504a with adaptec 4.60aspi layer. I really don’t want to install the usual bloated and fluffy software just to format blanks. I like to use copy to dvd for data backups. For dvd movies tmpe movie author works fine with +rw for test disks. Any ideas to make copy to dvd format blanks would be greatly appreciated

P4 2.4
xp pro
120gig se caviar

theyre up to version 2.36 now.
and nero 6 for me always formatted blanks ok.

thanks for the reply. I tried dvdinfo to format blanks and it works perfectly. So along with copy to dvd, movie author, and tmpgeplus. I should be all set. I just hate using the all in one commrcial programs. They just clutter up the computer too much

you should try dvd decrypter,and dvd2one,as well as copytodvd.
there the best,and really easy to use.
so easy its a crime as to how other less quality programmes are still being used.:stuck_out_tongue: