CopyToDVD & BlindWrite Engine Problem (LAG when burning)



I use BlindWrite to burn an ISO. But 3 minutes after started, the burner’s lamp was still off, lead-in was still not finished—the burner was absolutely not working!

Then I turned off the burner’s power and turned it on again (my burner is an external one, SONY DRU-510A with a ISD300A1 chip case, and well-recognized within WinXP SP2), withdrew the disc (TDK 8X DVD-R VIDEO(Japan Version, Code:TYG02)), then I found the disc had been burned a little on the inner part—game over.

Then I took another the same brand disc and opened Nero. No problems at all. The disc had been burned successfully.

But then I was prepared for burning a video, opening CopyToDVD, also the burner not working in several minutes. At once I turned off the power and light it on, withdrew the disc, thanks God, it was still a blank DVD. Then I burned it successfully with Nero.



What version are are you using of Blindwrite?