CopytoDVD and XBOX 360 Backups



Can CopytoDVD make XBOX 360 backups and, if so, is it just a case of burning the ISO file to DVD+R dual layer discs?


“make” means what?

Creating or burning…


Burning - I have created the ISO’s already.


I suppose the key question is whether copytodvd will split the iso in the correct place when burning to dual layer discs, as this is critical to allow the backup to be played on the xbox. There are lots of xbox360 burning guides but none mention copytodvd. I would prefer to avoid installing any other burning software if copytodvd will do the job.


Managed to answer my own question. It works. I have burnt over 12 xbox 360 iso backups using copytodvd and all were successful. This was onto Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL burning them at 2.4x speed on a Pioneer DVR-216.