Copytodvd and unicode. again :P


More unicode issues:
labels no longer support unicode
the manager has some minor issues in the left pane
<- hmm tried uploading a screenshot but it insists my jpg and gif files arn’t jpgs or gifs :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll add to here as I come upon them, unless unicode (other than on the filesystem level) is something they no longer plan on supporting. I haven’t been keeping up-to-date with copytocd.

Can you send me that screenshot by mail?

Does the label issue you’re mentioning affect only projects burned via CopyToDVD Manager or is it a general issue?

I didn’t actually burn anything with Copytodvd 3 yet so the label issue might be resolved there, but it is not working in 2.4.17.x. I didn’t use the manger there to burn so I am not sure if it works with the manager. I’ll test it on a rewritable when I have time.

Ok, so the problem should be in the engine itself. We will take a look at this…