Copytodvd 2.0.1

this version add various optimization, correction of bad ifo . bup files …

Any idea when we’ll be able to select a default output device for “one-click” use with DVD2one?


it’s planned… be patient, we fixed first the very urgent other tasks.

we introduced it in the latest version available for download ( still a 2.0.1 ) so just download again the latest

Excellent !! Thank you.

please give feedback about the way we implement it … the more feedback we have, the better we can design the product.

Actually, I think it is outstanding. The tab in “Options” is easy to find and the settings are self-explanatory. I like the check box to select whether you want to select a device or be prompted. I honestly can’t think of a better way. The program correctly found my 2 burners (a Plextor 4824A and a Sony DRU500A).

One miniscule point … after installation, the “Run Settings” is “optionnal”. Should be “optional”.

I’ve found the program to be a perfect companion to DVD2one.

ok thanks for the comments…

and we are working now on our dvd backup tools… which can be a good companion to dvd2one too…

I may have spoken too soon.

I have a Plextor 4824A and a Sony DRU500A. I have the Plextor selected for Audio and the Sony for DVD Video. When I tried to burn an audio CD with a blank in the Plextor, it kept ejecting the Sony and asking for a blank.

Thanks for any help.

it should be fixed in the next 2.1 to be released soon…

Thanks. (Ignore the email.)

Just wanted to let you know that 2.1 fixed my default burner problem.


good !