CopyToCd failed me

I had very inconsistent, mostly bad results with my Liteon 52x and audio files while trying CopyToCD. I will try it later with a Plextor 24x but for now, it is not much use. I didn’t even try it for data files yet.

Anyone have any good experiences with this program?

On the other hand, Blindwrite works great for me and I am a big fan and a supporter.

please email me a log and explain me exactly what is the problem… hopefully I have the same writer than you … and we will release a new version of copytocd this night.
I need more details to help you.

Would be better to keep the problems on the forum, so people who also have the same problem can read it back, report it and if the solution is posted, solve it :wink:

yes, but to solve it I need to request a lot of information… and sorry it 's quite boring using the forum.
Forum is perfect to share some information, but to request details on a log fail etc… I need my outlook.

We released a new version 1.0.3b . and we fixe a problems with some MP3 misformated files.

I just sent you the new problems I have had and the log. At first it played an MP3 fine. Then I tried wav files and it saw them as data files. After that I got error messages with even the same MP3 I tried before.

The program is a great idea. I hope yopu get it nailed down perfectly.


we will work for…

I will maybe need some of your .wav for sample.