CopyToCD/DVD & Sony DRU-510A

Why will CopyToCD/DVD write a data DVD-R @ 4X to media that fail in Nero 6 and RecordNow DX? The burnt disks read in WindowsXP but do give a read error at the very last sector of the disk when tested with Nero CD/DVD Speed. Are they reliable how can I tell?

I have tried in vain to find the specifics of ASPI vs PC Layers. Is this the reason they write in CopyToCD/DVD or is it because CopyToCD does not take any notice of errors while writing?

I would rather buy A$1.75 DVD-R than A$7.00 DVD-R if success just means using CopyToCD/DVD.

Will future version allow for simulated writes to test media before committing to the write process?

Thanks:confused: :confused: