CopyToCD and ISO/CUE Association

Is there a way to associate CUE and ISO files so when I click on one it opens CopyToCD/DVD 3 ready to burn it? Thanks!

right click and open with, and always use this program to open these types of files doesn’t work?

If I associate CUE file with CopyToDVD.exe it just burns the cue file, not the contents of the BIN file, unless I’m doing something wrong?

Hi rendez2k

Asociate CUE file with Blindwrite SE, part of the CopytoDVD package.

Just tested, when double clicked on it loads the blindwrite5 on the write tab with the image loaded ready to burn !


I have the full blindwrite installed, but that seams to work, thanks!


I only said Blindwrite SE as this is part of the CopytoDVD package,
but if you have the full Blindwrite suite then you may as well asociate CUE files with this.