Copys freezing

Hi all,
Can anyone tell me why when i copy a dvd using shrink, and nero , its all fine then on the last ten or so minutes the copy sticks for a second or too, moves on then freezes :confused: again ?

Many thanks


bad burns… Need better media…


Rob is 100% correct-

Crap Media = Crap Burns - and - Good Media = Good Burns

Try using Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell medias for your burns-


its datawrite 8x which i thought was good.
I have done other copys on same media fine

datawrites can be one of six different media codes. Please scan the media code on the dvd’s that you are using now, and post back the media code. Also depends on your burner and firmware as to what media it likes and dislikes…

Sorry Harley what do you mean by scan the media code?

Try another brand of media and burn at low speed (4x). Problem will be solved.

hi im new to this & not sure if im doing this right it doesn’t say who to post your problem but i might have missed it anyway here go’s. I struggle with burning dvds too… i dvd decrypt them then dvd shrink them if needed then copy with nero 5 on a dvd-rw. It works fine then i put in a maxell dvd-r (a normal dvd) then burn it but it dosn’t burn. the software (nero) freezes & it says its not responding…but it copys on to a dvd-rw. what have i done wrong thank you… i have burnt dvds on these disc’s before…

Try burning at a lower speed, i.e. 4X.

To scan the media code, put the dvd in your dvd burner, and start DVDCRYPTER, or with NERO, use utilities and find the part that allows you to look at the media code. There are places in this forum that will explain how to find media code, showing screen shots and everything. Just search for “media code” “scan” or “identify”, and you will see what I’m talking about. Media code is everything when it comes to determining burn issue problems.

If the media is 8x it should burn ok at that speed, if you burn slower you may get over heating, which is just as bad.

Not necessarily so, I and many others burn at less than max speed dictated by the disc specifications with increased accuracy and no problems with heating.

It depends on the media-burner compatibility. Some burners can not handle successfully the medium at the certified speed.


Instead of playing games with your media speeds - let it burn at what ever speed the firmware tells the burner to burn at - since it is media specific IMO-