Copyrighted dvd's



i just brought a dvd rw burner and install it into my computer and when i went to burn entourage seasons 1 a message came up stating that the disc is copyrighted so i cannot burn it… Are there any programs that was disable this firewall that will allow me to burn this disc?



Most commercial dvds are encrypted…it isn’t exactly a firewall. In order to make copies of dvds that you own, you’ll need a decryption/ripping program. The only free option that is still being updated for new protection schemes is DVDFab HD Decrypter, found here:

This is the free section of DVDFab and will continue to function even after the trial for the main part of the program expires.

You will also find that most commercial dvds will not fit onto a single layer dvd. You may have to burn to dual layer dvds, or compress the video. DVDFab can do this, and you should explore this program while you have the free 30 day trial. Or you can use a free program like DVDShrink, found here:

Shrink is a good transcoder, but is ineffective as a decryption program against modern protection. Will work fine for compression. Read the guides here at cdfreaks on using it, or look at the ones online at sites like

There are many other options on commercial products, including a fine decryption program called AnyDVD. I suggest you read about them in our Copy Movie forum.

If you decide to burn the whole thing to dual layer disks, only use Verbatim DL media. Burn at 4x and I recommend using ImgBurn as the burning program.