Copyrighted cd

i have a cd and i want to get it onto my computer, but the damn thing wont even play on my computer let alone be ripped to it…
so are there any ideas on how i can find out the protection it has on it or a sure fire way to beat it?
so far ive tried alcohol 120, clonecd, burn4free, EAC and clonyxxl (to see if i can
find out what the protection is). None of these do anything

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Would be helpful providing us with some more info like title of the disc, software/game/audio disc, versions of the programs you used, your optical drives+firmware…?
Sounds like an audio disc to me as you used EAC but maybe I’m wrong.

yea it’s audio. I used the latest versions presumably…do you have any ideas how i can check what the encryption is? i tried all the proggies at cdmedia world and none worked…