Copyrighted cd

Trying to burn copyrighted cd. Tried clone cd but still ended up with message sayin to install proper cd. Tried Disc Juggler and everything seems ok until the task log starts but no dummy blocks get supplied. It runs through but when i go to sourc file there is nothing there, the box is empty. It is a data cd that i’m trying to copy. Any suggestions would be helpful.

A little bit more information would be helpful.

What is the CD you are trying to backup? What protection is used? (You can find this out by using a protection scanner, several are mentioned in the various parts of this forum) What type (brand and model) of CD Writer do you have?

ok, what you need to do is download, install and then scan the cd with A-Ray, let us know the protection it finds, then we can help you make a backup.


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ok, very old qoute from the first ever thread in the forum where you and ruff-next get bashed :wink:

Thanks for the quick response da Taxman and bcn246. The Cd I’m trying to backup is Magellan Mapsend Direct Route(for GPS mapping) The reader is LGGDR 8161b DVD rom and the Writer is a Hypermedia 52x24x52. I don’t have the model of the writer now but could get it if neccessary. I did as suggested and dscanned with aray and did a sector scan and it came up TAGES detected>E:\Data-DRNA-100A 5E5005E9. I also did a scan but that didn’t say anything other than the files scanned

Look Here:

Thanks for the lead , it madefor some pretty interesting reading but if I want to copy this cd should I use DT as I was not too clear.on that as some of the stuff was WAY over what Iknow about this hobby If so where would I find it? Thanks to everyone for answering

I was wondering if anyone has tried to duplicate a tages protected cd with cd Mate or game Jack or is there another one that works or at this time there is no program available that will copy a tages protected cd other than the methods described in Spaths paper.

Tegas? wow, i thought only XIII and Beyond Good And Evil where proteced with that. anyway, i dont think there is a way that you can copy this if it protected with tegas, as only XIII and Beyond Good And Evil have had copy tools made for them, and even then you have little chance of getting it working. So as far as i know you cant copy this.

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