Copyright protected

Hi all, i have been trying to find the answer to whey i can’t burn DVD with nero 6 (burning ROM). I have a plextor px-708a, when i tried burning it said that the disc is “copyright protected” and it won’t let me burn. Is there a tutorial on how to burn DVD in Nero. Any comments will be appreciated.

You need to decrypt your original DVD disc first. You can do this with DVD Decrypter This freeware tool will extract the files of the DVD disc to your hard disk. You can then edit them (compress them) or copy them back to a DVDR disc. You can also install software like AnyDVD. This will make any DVD you insert into your drive appear as non protected. Does this answer your question?

I suggest you pick up a copy of: anydvd (available at
I think after installing that you’ll see your copy protection problems vanish.
At least they did for me. Hope that helps.

you may also want to visit, as they have tutorials on how to burn almost any type of disc dealing with video

Thank you for all the comments, i went and downloaded DVDencrypter and that works. Thanks again.