Copyright or Copywrong?

I just posted the article Copyright or Copywrong?.

It looks like the RIAA and Record Labels are acting like big brother when it comes to CD’s, digital downloading and the like, but NARM has said there are some problems in restricting the consumers…

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Quite frankly, pop-music today is terrible drivel as anyone will admit. It’s one big cow which they all milk from. I wouldn’t waste my Cablemodem’s bandwidth on it, let alone buy it. I envisage a better future due to internet music sharing anyhow. Bands will no longer be able to rely on marketing for their guaranteed profits - all bands will be just as easy to find on the net. The only way a band will be able to make money is by their own talent at live concerts, as the music will be free to all. No longer will huge international corporations be able to milk the cow that is music. Music will return to the people and the artists, and will once again become a true art form: not carried out for profit, but for love.

I have to agree. It’s the music industry and it’s leeches (like the RIAA) that profit most from album sales. Worse yet, they often control what songs are released and what aren’t. Many artists don’t even write their own material, but buy the music industry buys songs from songwriters and have top names sing them. I’m for one am ready for the chaos of free online music so the industries will go away (or at least change) and true, talented artists will make their money from wonderful live concerts and T-shirts and such while promoting themselves with radio and internet music. Maybe all these lame boy-bands and girl-bands will go away and some real artists will show up again.

i agree put all bands on a level ground so only true talent will help them rise above the rest. a future without manufactured music sounds very good indeed :4

“…and will once again become a true art form: not carried out for profit, but for love.” [in neo’s voice] whoa. i really hope things turn out the way you want em to.

I buy, and will continue to buy “Real” CD’s as long as it is good music. Where the music industry has a prolbem is that consumers are able to hear the music before they buy it. So artists can’t try and sell a cd from a good single on the radio, the intire album will have to be good.

well, generally, i like to support good music, however, when it is ridiculously overpriced… i wanted a cd, the cd is wasnt of popualr music, so no store ahd it except HMV would order for me, at the cost of double the normal cd price. to wich i said fuck off :r and went on napster (back in the day) and downloaded 256 bit versions of the songs, put em in order, and i had an album. :4 the main prob is that record labels jsut want to bleed as much blood out of a stone. and they are not happ that they will not be able to soon. too bad for them. :d