Copyright on floppy how to duplicate?

i have access to a knowledge base program for automotive use and the operating system is loaded onto the hdd and then the floppy is erased so the sys can only be installed onto one pc. the data is on cdroms but the floppy is the problem. to move the sys to another pc, the operating sys is recopied back to a floppy and then the hdd is erased of traces of said system. any way to backup the floppy in case of hdd failure???

In a single word - no.

You can probably put in a second hard-drive and startup using a startup disc and then copy the files from the first hard-drive to the second. Then switch the HDs. Boot from the second HD(you switched them, remember?) and copy back to a floppy. Repeat this as many times as you want.

It may work. You don’t need any knowledge of protections, just some logic up in your loaf.

That logic is totally wild.

thats way too simple…assuming that the program doesn’t have some weird protocol to prevent it from being copied along with everything else to another hdd.

by the way, is there a program which will make a log of the install files as they are created so i can tell which ones are related to the program in question??? thanks

There are 2 programs called filemon and regmon that will monitor files and registry entries when a program is installed.
Norton utilities also includes a program that is supposed to do that, but doesn’t work half as well as the the two Xmon programs.