Copyright Office rejects CARP recommendations

I just posted the article Copyright Office rejects CARP recommendations.

By way of Slashdot we found out that the Copyright Office has rejected CARP (Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel) recommendations.

CARP would vote whether to accept, reject or modify royalty…

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YES! This is good. it may not be the end of it, but it’s a good thing that this did not pass. I can not BELIEVE the kind of rates they want to charge internet radio broadcasters. Could you imagine if they tried to impose this kind of fee to a standard FM station? I mean, pay royalties per 1000 listeners? How stupid. Even most of the HUGE radio stations couldn’t afford that kind of fees… and they’re getting quite a bit of money from advertisment. Most internet broadcasters don’t have anywhere near that kind of income from ads.

It’s my inderstanding that laws and written agreements (contracts) are based on a presumption of fact so if radio stations plucked the figures (listeners) from the same thin air that recording companies pull their figures for losses to piracy then it’s back to the phonograph people 'cos there won’t be any stations…:7