Copyright Levies Reform Alliance launch to tackle EU © levies

I just posted the article Copyright Levies Reform Alliance launch to tackle EU © levies.

 In an aim to compensate  copyright owners for private copying of their works, many years ago, levies  have been imposed on blank audio & video cassettes, photocopiers and tape  recorders...
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fridge is invented and we r supposed to compensate the ice guy:r

Truly rotten evil people, who seek to steal from all! Down with all unnecessary obsolete taxes, I say!:frowning:

No I would say keep the levy. I know it has worked here in Canada, where we can legally download all the music we want because we compensate our the aritsts with our $0.25 per cd that is purchased. As long as we have that levy we know it is our government given right to download music and make legal copies of things that we already own. As soon as that right is taken away, the RIAA will have what they want, a complete stranglehold on everything music. How long until they decide to use those self killings discs on us so that we have to buy a new copy of whatever we buy every year just to continue to listen to them?