Copyright law!

where do i stand legally on recording radio stations online and listening to them back on my mp3 player ?
i will not be burning them onto disk !
i will not be broadcasting them !
i will not be selling them on or anything like that !
i will simply be recording them from the Internet radio stations and then putting them onto my mp3 player to listen to at my leisure.
if you can give links to the law as it stands either confirming its legal or its illegal then will v much appreciate it.

this question is asked because i saw an item on qvc shopping channel last night enabling you too do just that plus other things like a tag editor and stuff like that,
guy who was showing item said it was totally legal as all your doing is time -shifting the tracks and playing them at a later date,
and to be honest if there was any illegality on this item i don’t think it would have been allowed to come too air,
anyways all help appreciated and more importantly all factual links even better.
regards Dan

Depends upon where you are in the world. In Australia this would still be classed as illegal if you archived the material you downloaded to be used more than once.

As stroppy said it depends on your laws in your country. There are a lot of free tools so you can record any internet radio stations as long as they’re not crypted. One example is streamripper which can be used in combination with winamp for recording radio shows at or a similar service.

well i am in the uk

Here´s the [B]general low-down on copyright[/B]…US law, as it applies to all material

[B]Works published after 1922 are copyrighted (including journals and newsletters). Works created after 1978 remain copyrighted for the life of the author plus 70 years. Works created and published before 1978 remain copyrighted for 70 years from the publication date if copyright was renewed. Works created by an individual while employed by the federal government are in the public domain. Works published on or before 1922 are in the public domain.[/B]

Just wonder, why our copyryght laws are getting less and less customer-friendly? The more they become a matter of governmental obsession, the less efficient they seem to be