Copyright group to challenge new code

A copyright lobby group led by the local arms of Hollywood entertainment companies is set to back a draft code of practice for phone companies obliged to regulate copyright theft of music and video from the internet.



I know you like to tell people about HOLLYWOODS latest
shenanigans, and I am not shooting the messenger, but
please chill-out. Don’t worry about the fools. They are going
to continue to fight to high heaven, because they are greedy
little schmucks. They will win some battles ,they will lose
some.So please don’t worry . catch a new moviie?. How
about the unborn.

This is a global forum, the story has to do with New Zealand and it tows the line with what the forum pertains to. I am not worried, it’s called being informative to a global community because that what cdfreaks should be about and not all about oneself. It should be about respect and compromise, not arrogance.


Look it was just a joke. Don’t take it to seriously.
Sometimes I misspell some of the words just for fun.
Sometimes I don’t. I don’t mind it. It informs everyone
whats going on.

[QUOTE=zap em;2214040]…Sometimes I misspell some of the words just for fun.[/QUOTE]
Then you must be having more fun than one person can stand…