Copyright error.....Pleasssseeee help me

Hello eveyone…I seem to have a problem installing a program i downloaded from the internet and brunt to cd with clone cd…THe program is (Universal Translator 2000). When trying to install I keep getting an error(Copyright Error) saying (This is not the orignal cdrom) and then the installiontion stops…Ok so I like tried everything i could possibly think of…But still the same error…Could someone pleaseeeee help…What’s a girl to do?. Could someone please maybe give me some information on making a patch? or crack? or something…This is my last resort…What could I possibly do?

By the way…If any one wants the program…I’m willing to share…Thanks in advance!

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Tried all the famous crack search engines already?

You can find links to many crack search engines on this forum…all you have to do is search

But yes i have tired alotttt of crack search enginessss…Only thing i seem to get is a serial number…Which I already have…I read a post yestersday on here…A guy was asking for Universal Translator 2000 serial…Meaning he must have the program…So i’m gonna try to contact him and ask how in the worldddd did he get it to install…Once again…thanks for replyyyy…YOur a very Sweet guy…Thanks for the info

kisha:) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sounds like you CDR is unable to write Safedisk or securom properly. I agree with the previous reply try looking for a crack or patch.

A good site to start is

and search for it.

Nice to hear the fairer sex reads this also.

Did you have the name of the CD oké. Because some programs want to have unique CD names. :smiley:

Thanks for replying…THe program I use to burn cds is Clonecd…Problem isss…the person who ripped the program from cd…Didnt use a burnning programs that picks up copyright protection…So i guess the the program I have is useless unless I can find a crack for it…

Oh yeah…I wouldnt want to be me either with the shitty luck i’m having…
Thanks for the info:D

Does ANYONE know of a crack or has a crack for UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR 2000???..Come onnn guyss…I’m DYING here:( :frowning: :frowning:

You will probably first need to find out what kind of protection has been used, there are generic cracks for safedisc and securom protections…

I’ve tried clonyxl to try to dectect what type of protection it’s using…And also tried Copy ProtectionDetector…But it always come up UNKNOWN…:frowning: