Copyright enforcement coming to YouTube

I just posted the article Copyright enforcement coming to YouTube.

A company specializing in “digital media intelligence” has partnered with YouTube to serve as a third-party intermediary that will help the popular video sharing web site combat piracy…

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95% hey … I wonder if they added APPLE’s numbers in there!!!
It is hilarious if they are complaining about loss revenues then why do they allow Apple to sell their music?? and others?? WTF now they wants us to buy the digital download then also must buy the crap cd!!
Go back to the older days … Learn how to sing , play an instrument practice and play live like music is!!! The music industry is dying… These days lip synching is actually a normal practice… Stop making candy artists…

Die Music Industry … Live Artists!!!

I won’t call for the outright death of the music industry, but these guys have to realize that simply trying to cash in won’t get them anywhere in the long run. People will continue to pirate music, especially if it isn’t DRM free, and that’s something they’ll have to deal with.

Trying to sue music listeners is one of the most foolish things they could try and do.

If people start getting Nexicon notices every time they upload their homemade music video or even something that has a fleeting snippet of copyrighted footage, you can watch YouTube’s usership start to plummet.

Hello Veoh and

What ever happened to “fair use” ? Oh that’s right, the bastards got rid of it because we’re all criminals.

F***k them.

So…if I upload a copyrighted video on youtube now, they will email me, and tell me in 3 easy clicks, I can send them a settlement of $3,000. Man, I can see the user backlash on this

If the industry keeps going the way they are, people could end up and say f**kital. They will stop buying they will stop pirating, they will just let the industry die a slow and painful death. Most peoples these days cant pay the settlements, if you stick them in jail we will then have no people and the world will be a prison. I personally think artist need to sell the music directly and let the customer pick between, CD/DVD compressed and uncompressed versions. The artist then can finally make more money and the RiAA and die a great and wonderful death.

But if something isnt done soon, both the artist and RiAA will die.