Copyright CBDTPA bill universally rejected

I just posted the article Copyright CBDTPA bill universally rejected.

The website Globe Technology reports that the CBDTPA bill has been universally rejected, this due thousands of faxes and e-mails of the public that were against the bill. The congress almost didn’t…

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There may be a long way to go, but this is a step in the right direction. The media firms may have a lot of money and a few congressmen in their back pockets, but I think we are starting to see the tech firms reaction to the new bill. Do you think the media firms can really stand upto the combined efforts of hundreds of hardware, software manufacturers as well as the general public who lives depend on this bill being dropped? Something tells me this is the beginning of the end for this bill…

Ha!! This is pretty sweet news. I know it’s mean cause he spent his whole life working towards it - but I hope that senator looses his position as senator due to massive lack of public support for him being such a moronic imbesile!

that’s one point for us ‘backup’ people Many times I have actually had to legitmately backup my games

I am doing my happy dance! :slight_smile:

Everitt: When I buy a gameCD, or audioCD, I immediately copy them, and put the original on a shelf. I don’t use my originals for anything at all, I have a copy of each and every CD I own. That way I keep the quality of them at 100% as long as possible.

yeah that’s exactly what I do, what any smart consumer should do; I buy games and music but they never leave the shelves. Everything I buy goes straight to the copier and I only use the copies to play with. This way CDs might actually live up to their already-shabby 10 year life-expectancy. :4

Well, I’m glad I signed the petition.