Copyprotection on everything

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Ever dreamt about a copyprotection on about every media available in stores and at websites?
Well I did, and I didn’t like it. Guess what: there are plans to put a copy protection on everything…

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IMHO this move comes from some company that already has such technologie for copy protection ready. And for a share of the profits some ppl may endorse this bill (how much money would a company win if it received royalties from EVERY hardware manufacturer).

A whole new approach to hacking then huh… I guess many hackers willl now be hacking firmwarez. I can just see the new tutorials now. These new measures will probably wont be seen for years (if ever) but I know that those of us who are more aware of cracks will always find a way around :g

the prospect of a bill being past that mandates all electronic and digital device to be copy protected seems unlikely. This is mainly because congress has to acknowledge that the consumer has every right to back up their own investment. Pasting that copy protection bill would directly contradict our rights to back up! In the meantime, those copy protection companies can eat shit and die@!!! Muwahaha :d :4 :slight_smile:

if this ever happens, i’m getting a mac, install ms office and photoshop for OS X. then not have to worry about any other software or games. why? because i can always download free software. and i’m getting too old for games. i do hope that their plan to copyprotect everything won’t happen. i’d be sad for my children and the next generations to come.

Copy protections embedded into our hardware? No problem. We just have to keep our old PC up and running and we still be able to make any copy with the old hardware. Just don’t throw your old PCs away. :4

Sick, Sick, Sick Copyright Act

luckyme, unfortunately that wont work. That was the initial thought that came into my head but basically what’ll happen is that some new technology will come out that you’ll want to use and in order to use it you’ll need a higher spec PC. You’ll have to upgrade your computer to use the new software/hardware/ whatever. Basically, if you dont upgrade it, in 5 years you’ll have the equivalent to a 486 with 8Mb of RAM and a 200Mb Hard Drive.

True. With police sanners we use to cut certain diodes & add certain resistors to get all the 800mghz cellular telephone transmissions. We are just going to have to learn to rewire some hardware - I am sure there will be a “mod” for it - harware hacking…its’ feasible.

What about the satellite tuners. Most of the tuners can be patched with new firmware, so the restrictions are gone with the wind…

is this not the same as this posting ?

Gentlemen, start your Solder Irons!! :4 What can be done can be undone! This really isn’t anything to worry about, after all where there’s a will there’s a way. Hardware modding is being done as we type and as long as You don’t mind a little experimentation it’s really not that big a deal :d

Read here more about it, another link is this one.

Well I for one dont like it… I hate the fact that there will be limitations on my machine… :frowning:

Eh eh eh , nice post WONDOG ! Start my solder iron ? Well , this reminds me about Playstation and all that speech about copy protections and mod chips and bla bla bla.Whenever a new model was supposed to come out at Sony they claimed that no mod chip was applicable and then… LOL I see mod chips coming their way to PC’s motherboards and cd roms !!! :4

What a waste of money. Hardware is very crackable unless they spend lots of cash making it difficult - then I see no point. Just look at the SNES and the other consoles, it’s amazing they were possible to hack and yet without much documentation/specifications!!