How can i copy The Green Hornet? I have AnyDVD and DVD Shrink. I keep getting an error message.

You may need the latest beta version of AnyDVD, which should work for any registered user. 6.8.02 seems to be the latest:

Since this is about AnyDVD, I’m going to move your thread into that forum, but leave a redirect in the Newbies so you can find it easily.

You can Back up the Green Hornet, but try using DVDFab, you don’t need Shrink anymore. If you are serious about solid Back ups, get the paid version. :cool:

Recommending DVDFab to someone who already owns AnyDVD is not helpful alchav21. AnyDVD combined with some free programs like DVDShrink, DVD Rebuilder or BD Rebuilder can produce as good or better quality backups than Fab.

Keeping the free version of DVDFab as a secondary program doesn’t hurt anything, but is virtually never needed when you already have AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD.

But back to bvmonts problem, it would help to know the exact error message, and if he tried to rip the movie to the hard drive first, before attempting to use DVDShrink.