Hi I am new here.Is 321 studios still in business?

Nope…they haven’t been around for a while now. Read here.

Try DVDFab Decrypter or RipIt4Me both free programs.

I need something to copy to a disc

What kind of disc…commercial movie, data, software? or are you wanting to make a copy of a copy?

A blank DVD+R disc

  1. Take a blank DVD+R out of the tub.
  2. Put it next to the blank DVD+R you want to copy.
  3. Say in a loud voice, “You are a copy of that first DVD”.
    Job done.


If you have nothing to copy to a blank disc, why don’t you just hand them over to me?

Buy yourself some DVD’s :rolleyes:

I presume that’s what you’re copying to, but what do you want to copy from?

Data DVD? Video DVD? Game? Or something else?