Copying ZONE 1 DVD on ZONE 2 drive help


I’m trying to copy my Zone 1 DVDs so that I can watch them on my laptop (zone 2).

Is there a tutorial or some help somewhere? For the moment, I can’t have it done with DVDFab Gold.

With one DVD, it takes several hours to read/calculate/prepare the files, normal time for burning them but the result can’t be watched on my stand alone DVD player or the laptop. The .vob files resulting from DVDFab can’t be watched on the laptop either.

With the 2nd DVD, I stopped DVDFab after 6 hours of calculation / preparation…

The RCE setting was set to Zone 1 as the DVD to be copied is Zone 1. DMA is reset and works. Zone 2 DVD copy works great ans fast.

Should I set RCE to 2 and give it a try ?

TIA for your help and ideas…

If you have a external usb drive(or access to one) set it to region 1 and see if it works for you.I have an hp laptop and use usb dvd drive,and it works for me.


I have a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook laptop with an internal Matshita UJ-820D Zone 2 DVD writer / player.

I am testing Spaceballs (zone 1 DVD) now: DVDFab Gold is at 3h20, 100% and still reading at 0,59Mb/s on VTS_01_4.VOB. The RCE setting is on 2. It seems that it will give the same result as when RCE was on 1: after 6 hours, I have enought and quit…

Does anyone have been able to copy a zone 1 DVD on a zone 2 player (or a zone 2 DVD on a zone 1 player)?


Hi robrub,

Unfortunately, I think the problem lies with your Matshita drive. They tend to be very proprietary and it’s usually next to impossible to find region-free firmware for them. I know Fengtao (other software developers as well) have disclaimers posted - essentially Matshita drives are not supported. This may have changed, but I don’t think so…

I did find this firmware .

Please be advised that an incorrect or bad flash may result in a very expensive paperweight… :eek:
So try at your own risk.

Good luck and hope this helps… :wink:


Just looking around and noticed this thread:
Is this the same drive that you said was region-locked?
BTW, there are region-free players out there and I think they can be had without applying for a small business loan… :bigsmile:
Seriously, this may be your best move. The firmware link I posted is apparently dead…not sure if would help anyway.


Thanks for the link. I had started the thread you’ve sent me some time ago but hadn’t read all the answers (as I realize now!)

OK, I’ll stop asking how I can copy a zone 1 DVD, as I know now that I can’t with my laptop. I’ll ask my son to do it on his computer (NEC ND-3540A drive).

Thanks for your help.


Definitely the cheapest (and hopefully the easiest… :p) way to go.

Good luck.