Copying with dvd shrink?

i am trying to backup a dvd with dvd shrink but when i press the ‘open files’ button a error keeps coming up ‘invalid UDF filesystem’ does anybody know what is the problem? the disc as already been ripped. can you backup a dvd with dvd shrink which as already been ripped?

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DVD Shrink (3.1.7 is the latest version , i recommend this one ,because it also removes RCE and user-interface-locks) will work with completely ripped dvd’s (That means it has to include the .IFO file and all the .VOB’s).

Invalid UDF filesystem usually tells there are files missing.
I recommend ripping your original dvd again.

Have just re-read your post try just doing a straight DVD copy of the disc as there is no need to re-rip it, any DVD copying software will be able to do this.

i can put other dvd’s which i have ripped and it copys ok without any errors, the question is why is this error coming up?

Some dvd discs are still locked inside the operating system. Start a dvd playback utility (play the movie for a few seconds) to unlock them. DVDShrink should operate flawless after that.