Copying with a stand-alone recorder

All the copying software seems to be for PC’s. I have a stand alone Pioneer 550H DVD recorder which has a Hard Disc Drive and a DVD player/recorder all in one unit. What can I use to back up DVD movies.:slight_smile: ?

I’m afraid that it will not work. You would need to install software capable of making backups on the device and as far as I know this isn’t available.

most of those kind of devices are specifically designed NOT to allow you to copy movies

Just like the DVD VCR combo units will not record input from its DVD portion

I doubt it will allow you to copy anything with copy protection (although a non css protected dvd might work if they set it up for duplicating home made movies)

speaking of which someone said they never saw a non protected retail dvd movie. I have “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” and it has absolutely no protection (can even copy the files directly to the hard drive)

If you have a dvd player that will send the video in the clear you might be able to do it. You’d probably have to slow down the bitrate so much for dual layer movies it might not turn out very well. Check out here for lots of info on players and recorders and thing pertaining to dvd video stuff.