Copying Windows98 upgrade



I saw some earlier post about the same subject but am still having no luck. When I try to copy Windows98(upgrade), using Nero, it says "analyzing CD", "CD is copyrighted", "analyzing CD failed", and it quits. Any ideas?


we do need more info about your computer and its hardware.

perhaps set the errorreading to 10 and continiu with burning if reading fails, this way you’ve copy the bad sectors with it, not the nicest sollution…but…


Windows98 (upgrade) is not protected against copying. Try a different version of NERO or try a different program to copy it with because it should be no problem.
I have had this error from nero some time ago too, however I don’t remember the solution, so I’d say try the above.



i used cdrwin , and there we go no problems!


I made a backup of Win98(upgrade) using Easy CD 3.5c & had no problems. Copied it to HD first then to CDR.

Try a newer version of Nero from


I ended up using cdwin3.8a and making a cue file of it on my harddrive and then burned from my harddrive. Thanks!