Copying Windows XP Professional

I’ve been trying to copy windows XP Professional and no matter how many times I try when its finished burning, I go to reboot and install, but it wont even attempt to boot from the cd.

I’ve used CloneCD, Nero and EZCoaster Creator 5. Burnt and read using my LiteOn 40125S (non-OC’ed).

Is the cd dirty or scratched.??

I am assuming that this is a legal copy correct. You can install usually from the i386 folder…


“Isobuster” will tell you whether the CD is bootable or not. Once you know this, you can proceed from there.


CD isnt dirty, scratched and is legal.

Where can I get IsoBuster?


You could try here,

It’s freeware and widely available using Google search.

Just a thought about your boot problem. You do have “CDROM”
enabled in your boot options in the Bios Setup?


yeah i do, the original boots fine but the copy dosent even try


Sounds like a writer or burning prog problem. Have you tried writing the CD to the HD and copying from there.


since i used the same burner as writer and reader i had to anyways, im just finishing isobuster, ill burn and post my results tonight


Use your slowest burning speed, see if that helps. Sorry, just read your 1st post again re the read & burn.

Try burning from a different original if you can. I’m sure MS would
overlook it if you own a legal copy.


Worked like a charm, i set read speed to an agonizingly slow 2x and write speed to a 12x and it played and installed beautifully. Thanks for your input cussalday


Glad to help.



Now that you have a working copy, why don’t you try integrating SP1 into the install? A word of warning though, it is rumoured that SP1 nukes Windows Update if you are running an unregistered version.


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Even if it is a copy you will still be able to change cd key number and install windows sp1 NO PROBLEM then you can run windows update as before


for information microsoft has blacklisted some cd key numbers one of them is (FCKGW - AT START)

microsoft does not want you to know there are millions of copies of windows xp pro out there BUT THERE ARE!

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Except I own windows XP pro