Copying windows 98 question

i want to make a backup cd of windows 98. how do i get a copy of it onto my computer, and then onto a cd?

i have EAC as my cd copier onto my HD and i use EZ CD Creator 5 as my burning program.

does anyone know if and how this can be done? is it the same as just copying and burning any ol’ cd?

thanks in advance:)


You can copy it just like any other CD.Win 98 does use any copy protection.

Yust use clonecd it will copy anything!

But first check or your writer is supported!

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Yust use clonecd it will copy anything!

For Win98 this isn’t needed, it’s, like said, not protected! (maybe volumename only!)

Of course, but clonecd simply copies anything so why not using it for this to?