Copying win me

i tried to copy it not using any setting for clone cd but it didn’t work. does anybody know which setting i ahve to pout it on?

Microsoft SOftware’s only protection is the label (and even this is not the case for most CDs) and of course the serial number.
THis means you don’t need CloneCD to make a backup copy of this, you can simply use Nero, CDRWin or any other program, as long as you make a 1:1 copy (and thus the label remains the same as on the original, just to be sure)

YEAH! Da_taxman is right there is not any protections on cd… maybe your cdr are not good or your burn just f*cked up???

Just copy it! :wink: like all games!

Slow down the read and write function. Could be that you CD is dirty. sometimes going a little slower helps…

You don’t even need CloneCD to make a copy of Windows ME. You can use Adaptec EZ CD Creator to make copies. Also, Windows 95 and 98 don’t even have any protection. Microsoft Office 2000 doesn’t even have any copy protection. So go for it !! Make many copies of these Microsoft CDs.

why even copy win me, waste of time…

Can’t you see that Windows ME and other Microsoft products are worth money? If you have a friend that has ME then you can borrow it from that person and make a copy of it. You don’t pay anything for the CD.