Copying Widescreen Movies

Can anyone tell me why when I copy any wide screen movies using CloneDVD and then play back on my widescreen hdtv I get black bars on top and bottom of the movie?

Thanks for any ideas.

TV is Samsung HL-P5063W HD DLP WideScreen
DVD Player is Pioneer DV-270 and video ouput is setup for WideSceen mode


Thats exactly whats suppose to happen when a wide screen movie is played…there is nothing wrong with your setup

I think he meens he has a ‘Widescreen’ TV, so he should’nt be seeing the bars…Right?

I dont have a Widescreen…Yet, so I can only tell you that I see bars on my Regular 35Inch TV.

Yes, I have a widescreen TV and playing the orginal widescreen movie fills the entire screen. It is the copy that shows the bars on the top and bottom.

That doesn’t make any sense. CloneDVD doesn’t alter aspect ratios. It just copies what is on the original.

What movie are you backing up? Region?

If the TV isn’t equipped with Digital Zoom, the black bars will be there. a TV with Digital Zoom covers the entire screen. It’s definitely not a CloneDVD problem. It’s also possible that the TV doesn’t support the aspect ratio of the movie, therefor the black bars show on top and bottom of the movie.

Not all wide screen movies have the same aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of your wide screen tv is 16:9. Some wide screen DVD’s have been optimized for that and will leave no black bands top and bottom. Those that show a ratio of 1.77:1 to 1.85:1 typically will use your full screen. Many others have an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 (or close to that, you’ll see them all over the map). The larger the number to the left side of the colon, the wider the black bands will be top and bottom. Digital zoom, unless it changes the aspect ratio and distorts the image, is going to cut off a little of the movie, right and left.

As to the original using the full screen and the copy not, I have never experienced that. Although, some discs have more than one title set, but that’s usually full screen (4:3) and the wide screen version. If you mistakenly copy the full screen titleset you’ll get black bands, but they will be right and left, not top and bottom.

But what is bothering me is that jjjansen says his original plays without “black bars” but his backup plays with them.

We assume he is playing them both on the same DVD player and TV using the same “player output to monitor type” settings in his player’s setup options.

And we are also all assuming he is talking about comparing the same original movie to the backup of that same movie. And that he he is not comparing one movie that has an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 to another movie that is 2.35:1. Or one movie that is anamorphic to another movie that is matted (“letterboxed”).

Although I don’t doubt his word, getting two different playbacks seems an impossible result of a Clone DVD backup.

The suggestion of “…a TV with Digital Zoom covers the entire screen…” I just blew off as some manufacturer inventing a marketing term (“digital zoom”) to describe a 16:9 anamorphic TV monitor to a public it thinks is too stupid to understand what anamorphic means. I don’t think anybody would actually use a player or monitor’s normal, common zoom feature to chop off the sides of the image just so as to not see the (wider than 1.85:1) “black bars” on a widescreen monitor! A Zoom feature is just used to see some small detail in the image to satisfy a momentary curiosity. No one would watch the whole movie in zoom mode … would they?

And we are still waiting on jjjansen to tell us what movie he has backed up that is giving him these results? And the region number and country of the movie?

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I share your puzzlement over what he says about the original without and the backup with blackbars. I’ve never seen anything like that and share your view that CloneDVD wouldn’t cause it. I’ve never seen a disc with both 1.85:1 and 2:35:1 on it, but if one existed and he was watching one on the original and selecting the titleset of the other when copying, that could explain it.

My Sony HD set has the following screen settings – normal, full, zoom and wide zoom. I assumed one of the latter two was what dmp31 was referencing, although like you I don’t believe anyone would use that to watch an entire flic.

I’ve always taken solace that the black bars on stuff wider than 1.85:1 were smaller than they would be if I were using a 4:3 set.