Copying .wav files to DVD disc?



What do you recommend I download to change the format to AC3 cause I cant find that option in Nero? and also what burning program creates the menu feature to select the file.


Probably each dvd standalone player differ from other, but when I insert a CD containing mp3 files in my player is not necessary make a menu because my player show on screen the list of files contained on the disc.

If I’ve understand, your purpose is to listen your wav files on your TV using a standalone dvd player.
To this in my opinion (repeat, is only an opinion) is sufficient convert your wav files into mp3. If quality is your concern, you can encode at 320kb (the maximum) constant bitrate, no need to make an audio DVD.
In this way, if your dvd plaery is able to read mp3 files (can verify here, as posted by dsdarli) you’ve made all. When insert the disc on the player then should appear a menu to chose which file to play.

But if you want a disc similar to a video DVD, then maybe you need also of a dvd authoring program to make menu, and this complicate your work.
An example of dvd authoring program is here: a bit complicated to use but very complete.


These wav files are just speech I believe so an mp3 @ 128kb would be perfectly adequate, there’s no need to go higher that this. As stated earlier this would give a reduction of at least 10:1 so you’d be looking at 2 or 3 mp3 CDs to hold all your wifes lectures.
I don’t know how Nero does mp3 discs but I know that in Roxio folders can be set up with up to 99 files per folder (or maybe thats what a DVD player will accept) so you should be able to file these lectures quite nicely.
Forget all this talk of DVD-Audio with AC3 etc, it’s just getting unnecessarily complicated.


When I convert the files from WAV to MP3 for some reason the size remains the same. What am I doing wrong??? This is in Nero. Can you please provide a link to some other software. Thanks


Maybe you have not installed the necessary codec. Without a proper codec installed you cannot encode mp3 files.

To see if you have follow this procedure:

  1. Open Device manager from control panel
  2. Expand the item Sound, video and game controllers
  3. Double click on Audio codecs (this open a little window)
  4. Click on the tab Properties of the little window
  5. Search an item called mp3 codec

If you don’t have the codec, then can find here a free encoder named LAME


Use CDEX to convert & then use Nero to burn the MP3 discs. Cdex really is so simple to use.


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Do you know if CDEX install also mp3 codec or require an external installation? Someone says that the best is LAME, but other says Fraunhofer.

What do you use?


Originally Posted by geno888
Do you know if CDEX install also mp3 codec or require an external installation? Someone says that the best is LAME, but other says Fraunhofer.

It installs lame. Well it has the dll in it’s own directory. It’s good enough for me.


Thanks. I agree that LAME is good (and also free :bigsmile: )