Copying .wav files to DVD disc?




I am a newbeee so I hope this is the right place for this type of question.
I have an Hp external dvd writer model 630e connected to my laptop. My wife has her medical class lecatures recordings on the computer in .wav format within each dated folder (there rougly 6-8 hours in each folder). I tried to copy these folders onto a DVD disc so that she could play them on our home dvd player but all I got was error on the screen. So, what Im asking is for the right program to do this??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :bow:



Need to know what software you are using, how you are copying, what media you are using, and what is the error…


Oh, sorry
Product Name
Model ZE4325US Notebook

US Product number

ATH 2000+ 45W

Frontside BUS Speed

System Configuration
AMD Athlon 2000+, 1.67 GHz

256MB/PC266 (1-DIMM)

cache: 128KB internal L2

chipset: ATI U1/ALI 1535+

PhoenizBIOS setup utility

ATI U1/ALI 1535+

Hard Drive
40 GB

Drive RPM

256MB DDR SDRAM (In mine I have 704mb of memory cuse I added a 514mb chipset
dont know why the numbers add up like they do)

Memory Max
1024 (2 X 512 MB DIMM)

Memory Speed
266 MHz

Total DIMM Sockets

Available DIMM Sockets

Primary Cache (L1)

Second-Level Cache (L2)

Multimedia Drive

I have a Nero Ultra Edition installed.


Without knowing what the error is it’s impossible to help.
However, in all probability your DVD player will not play wav files on a DVD. I would have suggested that the wav files be converted to mp3 & an mp3 CD created with Nero. Most modern DVD players can play mp3 on CD.


Do you know of a program that will copy the folders with its contents and convert the fils to MP3 format. Something of a one click wonder or so?? Cause over the course of two months she has about 50 folders with multiple .wav files in them.



The app you need is CDEX. It’s free & will convert by the folder. This is the link for it:-

There are many others but this works perfectly fine.


I tried the burn mp3 dvd option in Nero but it still doesnt play in my Sony home DVD player. Also I tried the program that you mentioned by CDEX but it doesnt seem user friendly or Im not understanding what options to pick to achieve my desired result?
Are there any other programs that you recommend?


CDex is a CD ripper, i.e a program that read an audio CD and convert it into mp3.

To convert a .wav file into mp3 you need a different software. You may use a nero tool named “Wave Editor”.

Simply open your .wav file and select from menu File the command save as.
Select a namefile and a format (mp3 in this case).

From options select the quality of mp3 (bitrate: higher = better quality, but also higher file dimensions, aka a minor number of files onto a disc. Usually a good value is 192 kb).

After this try to burn all mp3 files onto a DVD in ISO format. Better try onto a rewritable (if your standalone is able to read RW discs), to not waste DVDs.

That’s all. Post result if this function: may be useful to other users


CDEX will convert wav to mp3 from the hard drive. Use the convert tab & "convert wav files to compressed audio & then select the folder you want to convert. Easy really.

As you can get 700mb of mp3 files on to a CD, use a CD instead. More chance of all DVD players playing them. This I did suggest in my first post.


I agree to use CD.

Sorry :o :o
I doesn’t know that CDex can also convert wav files from HD



No problem.

We all learn new things everyday, that’s one reason we come here. Personally I’ve learnt quite a lot in the months since I joined.
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me too :bigsmile:


Hey guys its great to be here. This is the best informative site on the web. Period… :clap:
All the help Ive recieved from this forum is greatly appreciated.
Although I agee with the CD idea my entire concept was to get as much info as possible onto a couple of disks. (I mean 15 Gigs of Classroom audio over a two month span ). My TV dvd player made by sony purchased two years ago has played some vcd I converted in the past however this presents quite a challenge, cause I always thought I could cramp a wholelotta info onto a DVD cd and play it. I should’ve saved the 120 bucks to take my wife to dinner, oh well I guess this leaves me with no other option but to do the CD thing thats gonna be a lotta CD’s.


You need to goto and see what your Sony dvd player will really play.

I have my doubts of just copying the .wav files to a DVD and trying to play them, I have never heard of any DVD player that plays .wav. Either MP3 or WMA is all I have seen so far.

Next if you convert the wav to mp3 expect a 10 to 1 ratio in reduction. E.G. a 10 meg wav will reduce to a 1 meg mp3. Do the math and you can see the advantage of using mp3 format.

I tried that program mentioned earlier and just convert one file and see what file size you end up with. That will determine the cd versus dvd media issue.

I’ve never heard of anyone trying this so keep the group informed of your progress!!:cool:


So, now whats a good quality .wav to mp3 conversion that compress the files good without detereing the quality.


I just tried something as I’m curious by nature.

My stand alone dvd player, a Pansonic RP62:

  1. will NOT play wav files on a dvd or cd

  2. will NOT play mp3 files on a dvd

  3. will only play mp3 on a cd.

I think yur stuck with cd’s whether you like or not.

As to wave conversion apps, that will be upto your ear what you think sounds best.


If you ear is very picky, you need a program that encodes MP3 files with the Frenhaufer encoder.

There are a couple out there, I use MusicMatch Jukebox but I don’t even know if it still exists or still uses the Frenhaufer encoder…


WELL, it’s getter more interesting…

I have a Mintek portable dvd player and it plays those mp3’s on a dvd…:iagree:

So, I guess it can be done; just depends on the player…


“just depends on the player.”

Yes! :iagree: It’s as simple as that…

User’s manuals are meant to be read… :wink:


If you are trying to Burn Audio DVD’s you are wasting your time trying to use Wave or Mp3 files because it’s not a recognised DVD-Audio format and the bit rate is different. DVD-Video has multi-channel LPCM audio with a bit rate of 6.144 Mb/s and DVD-Audio has 9.6 Mb/s. Because of that some DVD stand alone players won’t read Mp3 or Wave format from a DVD. You need to convert into DVD-Audio format AC3 to burn it onto a DVD then all players will see it as standard VOB files and then it will play on any stand alone DVD player.

I converted some normal Mp3 and Wave files to AC3 and burnt it onto a DVD and this is what it look like when it’s burnt onto a DVD and all stand alone players will play it because they see it as a sound file that is in a DVD movie. The 2 Video files on the DVD are only just the Menu from were you can select which song you want to play.

So if you have Wave or Mp3 file you can play it on any stand alone DVD player just have to burn it in the correct format.