Copying vs Ripping

I purchased AnyDVD, CloneCD and CloneDVD. I want to copy my DVDs to the hard drive and edit them with DVDRemakePro. Then save them as regular files, not ISOs to my media server so I can play them from there. If I’m running AnyDVD in the background can’t I just copy the DVD to hard disk with Windows Explorer? I dont need to use the ripping function of AnyDVD or another program such DVDDecryptor? Also will I need to run CloneDVD/CloneCD as well? Thanks


Welcome to CDFreaks. AnyDVD is a Windows driver which runs in the background and removes copy protection (CSS, Macrovision RipGuard, ArCoSS) as well as Region Codes, RCE scripts and Protected User Operationsfrom from Video DVDs. When AnyDVD is running, you can effectively rip the DVD to your HD by copying the files in Windows Explorer. You do not need to use AnyDVD’s ripper function. That is only necessary on the rare DVD that has problems copying with AnyDVD running normally.

If you want to rip the entire DVD to disk including all extras, trailers, warnings etc. you CAN use Windows Explorer to copy, however I would still suggest using DVD Decrypter. If, on the other hand, you only want to rip the main movie and menu, you would be better off using CloneDVD to rip in DVD-R/DL mode and select the titles and audio tracks you want. This way, when you load the output into DVDRemake Pro, you’ll have a lot less to edit out.

This is what I do to make my backups. If you’re leaving the files on your HD, there’s no need for step 5 (transcoding) or 6 (burning to disk).

  1. Rip movie in CloneDVD in DVD-R/DL mode selecting main title, menu, and English audio and subtitle tracks. (This will usually remove all extras, warnings, trailers etc. but many newer DVDs including warnings and trailers in the menu which CloneDVD can’t edit. It either copies the whole menu or nothing). This step takes about 15 minutes.
  2. Play CloneDVD output in PowerDVD (replace with Software DVD player of your choosing) to see whether warnings, studio logos, and trailers are still present. If so, I move to step 3. If not, I go to step 4.
  3. Open CloneDVD output in DVDRemake Pro. Blank out any cells I don’t want (usually studio logos, warnings, trailers, or other crap in the menu I don’t want. I’ve noticed some Disney Movies like Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2 have very long videos of black frames which take up hundreds of megabytes which can be removed w/o harm. I saved 1.4 GB doing so on my Toy Story 2 backup and was able to backup the movie, english audio track and subtitles without any compression with space to spare). This step should take less than 10 minutes.
  4. Load in Vobblanker and select Title > Blank Auto. This will blank the 2 second black cells which CloneDVD2 leaves so the backup starts immediately in the root menu. This step is nearly instantaneous if you use the “Use Input Folder” feature.
  5. Transcode to fit onto DVD5 in DVDShrink using Deep Analysis and Advanced Error Correction Features. A good guide to go by for AEC is:
  6. Burn with Nero Burning ROM using Taiyo Yuden TYG02 media and verify option to be certain of readability.

Maximum Sharpness: 90-100%
Sharp: 80-89%
Smooth: 65-79%
Maximum Smoothness: <65%

A two hour movie with Sharp or Maximum Sharp takes about 22-30 minutes to complete on my AMD 64 3000+ with 1 GB of RAM (including Deep Analysis). At Smooth or Maximum Smooth it can take over an hour. Very long movies like “The Green Mile” (188 minutes) or one of the LOTR can take 1.5 hours.