Copying VOB files onto DVD-R



I’ve got the Coldplay Live 2003 DVD on my laptop, with the main 5 files being VOB files (DVD Movie). These 5 files make up the video content of the DVD.

I was wondering how to get these files onto a DVD-R so I can watch it as a DVD on my DVD player.

I’ve tried using a DVD-R and Nero Vision; I create a DVD movie, add each of the 5 files (it asks me to combine them all but can’t for some reason, think it is because the content is different in each file) and then when it burns and finishes, there is nothing on the disc.


do you have the ifo and bup files aswell or just 5 large vob files? if the latter, use ifoedit create ifo files, then do get vts sectors. in nero burning rom choose new compilation>>dvd video and drag all the files over and burn.


Do you have the IFO files that go with the VOB files? If so then you can use DVD Shrink.


Thanks for the quick responses guys

Yeah, I have two IFO files and two BUP files.

So do I use the DVD Shrink program you posted Dialysis1?


Open DVD Shrink and then click on Open Files and go to the folder where you have the files. If you don’t have Shrink, you can get it here:


Okay thanks I’ll give that try and report back on how it goes

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