Copying videos with captions

I have a Samsung DVD R-120. Took me a while but I got it to work fine (audio & video) with one problem. I’m hearing impaired and my personally owned commercial videos I want to copy all have captions, which my TV is set to show. The DVD-R shows DVD captions, but when showing the videos through the DVD-R, while recording or not, the captions do not show. Looks like the DVD-R blocks the captions. BTW: I have a copy protected gizmo connected (The Clarifier.) Help, anyone :confused:

Umm… if you use anydvd to remove protection, the defaut is that anydvd removes forced subtitles. If you want to stop this right click the fox —> settings —> prohibited user options and un-select it… otherwise tell us what you are using to copy

I couldn’t find this thread until today. I don’t understand most of what you wrote, like “anydvd” to remove protection, “click the fox (?) —> settings —> prohibited user options and un-select it.” Obviously I’m brand new at copying from video to DVD. I copy with the Samsung R120 onto DVD-RW discs. I should be back tomorrow. I’m an American in Germany. Thanks - D.

I figured out what “anyDVD” is. Sounds like software, but I’m using a DVD recorder not a computer. Plese help with original question.

I know this seems like a siily question but…are you able to enable the subtitles manually, with the player remote?..through the setup function?