Copying vhs to dvd

1.) In copying VHS movies to DVD disks is there any signal loss involved copying from VHS to DVD.

2.) Does the software used to do the copying from VHS to DVD have the capability to “clean up” the VHS images to make them more clearer and cleaner on the DVD?

3.) Does the software have the capability to freshen up the faded colors on the VHS tape.

4.) What are the better softwares on the market that perform these functions?

bob7708;If you search the forum you will find many topics on this.
I read your post in another topic .
Even though you have an old VHS tape it still more than likely has copy protection.
You will need a video stabilizer to remove this.Some capture cards will do this too but I think only older ones.
After that there are many methods.Some say the best method.I haven’t tried this one because I don’t have the equipment.Also I’ve read Vista doesn’t do well with it.
You run the analog signal from a VCR through a video stabilizer to a digital camcorder.
From the digital camcorder through firewire to your computer.
To an AVI file if possible.
Then you use editing software on the avi file & try to improve the quality.
Sometimes it is possible to get some improvement but it might be so little it’s not worth the trouble.
Here is what I would really try first & see if the result is acceptable to you.
From a VCR player(what ever unit yours is) output to a video stabilizer input.
From the stabilizer output to a DVD recorder (standalone) input.
Use the best quality speed that will allow you to copy the whole movie .Probably 2 hour mode.See if you like the result.
I use the dimax grex video stabilizer but there are others.
If you have a capture card or the right video & sound cards you can go to the computer instead of the standalone.
I don’t know the best software to use to edit from that point.That depends a lot on the money & time (both on learning to use the software & doing the editing) you are willing to spend.
If I ever get as far as going to the computer instead of just the standalone with this type conversion .I would convert to a DVD format if I couldn’t go directly to that format.
Then run it through DVDShrink’s analysis trying some of the settings in quality settings if possible.Sometimes the quality settings are greyed out.When the movie is already compressed to single layer.Even if I couldn’t make the settings I would let DVDShrink do the analysis.
After that I would burn with either ImgBurn or CloneDVD2.
Really the best you can hope for is an exact copy with equal quality to the VHS tape.
If you manage to get better than that you are lucky or put in as much work as a movie studio.

Maybe someone knows or has done this. There is software that would let you strip out the video.
From there I’m not sure but maybe work with each frame improving it with something like Photoshop.
Then putting it all back together & putting the audio back in.

Thanks Cholla, I’ll give your suggestions a try. :iagree: