Copying VHS Tape to DVD: How do I keep the Closed Captioning

I want to transfer my VHS video tapes to DVD.

Keeping the Closed Captioning which is on the video tapes for optional use on the DVD is a requirement.

How do I do it? What software would I need? Best for capturing? Best for burning?

??? :cool: ???

Found some clues at Doom9.

But still seems confusing.


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I do not know what do you mean by “Keeping Close Captioning”, I did not think that the tape has options.
To get VHS to your computer you will need either “Caption Card”(hardware) Ulead, Pinnacle, or if you have digital movie camera, look in the manual, they can be used as a converter from analogue to digital signal. That is what I use.
In that case you use the same computer input as for your camera to get picture onto the hard drive. I hope you have software to capture video. That can be Nero, Roxio, Adobe-Premiere or other. If you have to buy capture card, capture software is usually included. For Premiere you need Adobe approved capture card, otherwise you may have problems. That you can check on there web site.
Once you have video on the drive, Nero or Roxio will let you arrange it into DVD format and burn it also.
There are other software to do the job, but you may have one of those two.