Copying VCR tape to DVD - audio out of sync

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I hope someone can help me. I have a Pioneer DVR RT 300 VCR/DVD Burner unit. I have a 20+ year old VCR tape I am trying to get onto DVD. It burns without problem, but, when I sit down to watch the DVD, after about 50 minutes, the audio gets out of sync with the video, by about 3-5 seconds. I’ve tried different brands of DVDs, I’ve tried burning first at SP, then XP and neither seem to solve the problem. This is some old family footage that I only have on VCR tape and I am trying to preserve it, any help is appreciated!


I’ve done quite a bit of this sort of thing and experienced the same problems using Pinnacles Studio Plus and other programs until I discovered ScealyzerLive ( there’s a free trial and then it’s $34 to purchase. Once I began using it I never had a problem with being out of sync and I’ve done hours upon hours of VHS to DVD for friends and family. I only use it for capturing and then Pinnacle or Nero for editing.