Copying VCD (Player doesn't read disc)

Hi… trying to copy a VCD.

I downloaded the demo and did a Copy Disc, at 4x. The disc wrote successfully and when looking through explorer, both the original and copied discs have the same files.

Any ideas why the copied disc will not play in my DVD/VCD player? Any other suggestions on how to copy VCD’s? Saw “ISO” in another post but not sure what that is?

Please help!!! Thanks.

what burning software are you using nero, ezcd…what
personally though I try to clone! everything

I used Nero!

Actually I did it twice. I did it again with CloneCD. Both copies work on the computer when I play the DAT file, but they won’t play in the player! Can someone help?

are you using a cdrw disk???
my dvd/vcd player will only play cdr disks not cdrw

are you sure your dvd player plays non-pressed cd’s?